Best Free WordPress Security Plugins For 2019

WordPress is the best and most popular Content Management System (CMS) available right now. WordPress is very popular due to its flexibility and ease of use, but at the same time owing to its popularity it is also the hotspot for hackers.

As a matter of fact, WordPress is surprisingly very easy to compromise than you think, that why you need third party plugins to help protect your site from such compromises. The good news is that there are a couple of well-known security plugins available right now that you can use to give your website the 100% security it deserves.

There are so many WordPress security plugins out there but how can you know which is the best for you to use. Well, we have researched and gone through all the top security plugins available and have listed the bests of the best for you so you don’t have to take weeks going through all of them.

WordPress Security Plugins:

WordFence Security

wordpress security plugins

If you were to search on the internet you would notice that Wordfence WordPress Security Plugins happens to appear on most listings and this is because it does what it claims and that offering you the maximum security for your website.

With over 2 million downloads Wordfence offers one of the most comprehensive firewalls and malware scanning options you can find around.

Some of the features which makes it the best includes:

  • Monitoring live traffic and hack attempts even with the hackers IP address
  • Block malicious IP addresses
  • create rules on how security protocols should be carried out
  • Repair broken links and file
  • Two-factor authentication

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Sucuri Security

wordpress security plugins

Sucuri has been known internationally as a plugin that also offers world-class security, In the event of a possible hack attempt, sucuri offers you options on how you could tackle the situation.

It is available in both free and paid versions but even the free version comes with some very interesting features that you would expect to be in premium only. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to protect your website, then sucuri is the answer. Some of its security features include:

  • Comprehensive security hardening
  • Website scan and clean up
  • Malware scanning
  • Security Notifications
  • Blacklisting and monitoring of already blacklisted IPs
  • 24/7 customer service support

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iThemes Security

iThemes which is formerly known as WP Security is one popular security plugin that comes with some very good user-friendly features that you could use to keep your site safe from hackers and intruders.

Once you install the iThemes Security plugin for the first time, it automatically backs up your entire database and locks out unknown users. iThemes doesn’t offer quite much in their free version but upgrading to their paid version opens up features like:

  • File comparison
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Increases server strength
  • Locks out unknown users
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Login protection
  • Site malware scan

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All In One WP Security & Firewall

wordpress security plugins

This plugin’s interface is very easy to use and you don’t have to be technologically inclined to use this powerful plugin.

The plugin also gives you the option to set some firewall rules that suit your taste. Its malware scanner lets you scan your entire site for loopholes, backdoors, malware, and other malicious codes.

Some of the plugin’s features include:

  • Brute force attack protection
  • Login form
  • Monitor the activity of all admins
  • Database security
  • IP blacklisting
  • Spam protection

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BulletProof Security

wordpress security plugins

The bulletproof security plugin is not as popular as the others but it does what its name says and that 24/7 site protection and monitoring. One of the most interesting things about the BulletProof plugin is its maintenance mode.

Usually, when you’re doing some updating in your front-end or back-end, your site is usually vulnerable to attacks but bulletproof security plugin will keep your site secured all throughout your updating period.

It boasts of some really cool features like:

  • Fast setup wizard
  • Login security
  • Idle Session Logout
  • Malware scan
  • Database backup

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MalCare Security

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MalCare is one plugin that serves both as a security plugin and firewall. It comes packed with a built-in smart and very powerful firewall system that provides real-time protection from brute-force attacks and bots.

MalCare Security Plugin comes in two versions, free and premium version. For the free version, you get to enjoy their very strong firewall protection and also website scanner.

But if you choose to go with the premium version then to enjoy the website scanner and firewall protection. And also here is the interesting part, if your site ever happens to get hacked. MalCare premium can actually help you recover the site. Some of the plugin’s security features include:

  • Website scanner
  • Malware remover
  • CAPTCHA-based Login Protection
  • IP blocker
  • Website cleaner

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wordpress security plugins

Jetpack is not just a security plugin but a multi-facet plugin that comes with a lot of different features. As a matter of fact, Jetpack came from the WordPress content management system (CMS) themselves but we are only focused on its security aspect.

With jetpack, you don’t have to worry about anything security because jetpack when installed, actually takes control of everything that has to do with the security of your website and helps you manage them. It comes with some great features which include:

  • Real-time backup of your site
  • malware scanning
  • Brute force protection
  • Login protection
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Spam filtering

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This plugin is actually a new one but has earned itself a spot on the list because it comes with some very good and impressive UI. SecuPress is available as a freemium plugin and free, but the free is almost as good as the paid.

The major difference between them both is that the Freemium has almost everything automated. But you have to do everything yourself in the free version.

Features of the SecuPress plugin includes:

  • Malware scanning
  • Blocking of malicious IDs
  • Blocking of bots
  • anti-brute force login
  • security notifications
  • security report in PDF format

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This is another plugin that came with the WordPress CMS and is powered by the earlier mentioned Jetpack. VaultPress is majorly good when it comes to backing up and restoring of your site’s files, most of their security features are available in their premium version.

With this plugin installed, your site gets that extra protection and you will be able to set your site to do an automatic backup on regular time intervals. Some of the features which you will enjoy includes:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Easy to understand UI
  • automatic backup
  • Tab view of your account history

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Security Ninja

wordpress security plugins

Security Ninja has been around for as long as seven years now and they have proofed why they should be among the best WordPress Security Plugins to use. Security Ninja is well known for their test runs.

When installed you install the plugin for the first time, it runs a very deep test on your website and displays the result with areas where your site is having security issues. They also provide you with a step-by-step solution on how to fix the issues.

Here are some of the very useful feature of the Security Ninja plugin:

  • Blocks bad and suspicious IP addresses
  • Schedule regular scans
  • Security tester feature
  • website scanner
  • Malware scanner
  • Cloud firewall
  • Event Logger

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Wrapping Up

So there you have it, our list of the top 10 WordPress Security Plugins you can get in 2019. If you found this list to be very helpful, share it with your friends to also help them.

If you have any suggestions or there is a plugin you think we forgot to mention, then don’t hesitate to let us know as we are always eager to hear from you. Also if you have used any of these plugins before, share your experience with us so others can learn from you. Also, check out other related articles: