Best WordPress Portfolio Themes 2021

Every creative professional is meant to have a portfolio as it is a very important document for you. It is so important that it can tell the difference between building a very beautiful and engaging presence online and that capable of attracting new clients and customers for you.

There are a couple of features that can be used to characterize a very good portfolio. One of them is that your portfolio needs to immediately identify and tell who you are and what you do. It also needs to contain all the possible ways you could be reached like contacts and email in a very visually prominent place. And let not forget the most important one, which is to highlight some of your best work and experiences.

So as always, we all know that there quite a lot of free WordPress portfolio themes out there and now the problem is knowing which is the best for what purpose and which one works best for a certain kind of people. Well, there is no need for you to go on searching around for which one you should go for or not, as we have done the work by selecting some of the best free WordPress portfolio themes for you to choose from.

  1. Uncode

Uncode is a theme built for professionals and is a very responsive WordPress portfolio theme that used mostly by creative agencies and their co. The developers of this theme carefully crafted this theme to be less of a pain in the beak as much attention was paid in the development of the theme just to make sure it works seamlessly and is easy to use without the knowledge of any coding. Uncode is one theme that very simple to use and at the same time it capable of showcasing your portfolio to the world in a very astonishing manner. Worried about how your portfolio website is going to look across different browsers and devices? Well, worry no more as the developers of the theme used a Bootstrap framework that renders your website perfectly on any browser or device type.

2. ePortfolio

Now ePortfolio is one awesome but sophisticated portfolio theme from the team at Themeinwp, and yes it is compatible with WordPress 5+. you are such to get yourself a whole lot of functionalities with this theme because it was built on SaSS, which has more features than any other CSS extension you could think of. If you are to display your past projects, profile, experience, or company info, then this is the theme for you. Responsiveness of this theme is at its best, meaning your users will have no stress trying to access your website.

With ePortfolio, you get this very versatile theme option that allows you to do some editing to the header, upload your best logos, personalize your website skin and theme, and even edit icons. You get to enjoy a full-width slider widget where you could display that very important info or portfolio and you are sure to get lots of user engagements. You don’t have to worry about all those functionalities clogging your site because the theme comes with a drop-down menu to enable easy navigation.

3. Gute Portfolio

If you are a creative individual then you should not miss this theme because it gives you one of the best portfolio websites. With this theme, you get dedicated shortcuts that are sure to get you up and running in less time. It is also important that you know the theme comes with a lot of ready-to-use templates that work as a website on their own. Added to that, you also get the opportunity to get hands-on with some available resources right out of the box. If you also feel like affecting the default look of your website, then you can easily do that without the need to hire or pay any developer. You get to use a drag and drop builder, meaning less effort is needed to do more work and editing.

4. Online Portfolio

So if you are looking for the best dynamic portfolio theme based on the concept of HTML5 and CSS3, then Online Portfolio by ampleThemes is the one for you. Online Portfolio gives you the ability to create lots of amazing websites using the same layout options. With just the click of a single button, you can integrate video, image, gallery, or even your regular blog posts.

The responsiveness of this theme is at 100%, and with just a few clicks you can do complete customization and add your own favicon, fonts, header, logo, and even menus. To even make things a lot easier, it comes with some custom widgets, and templates so you can create that website you’ve always wanted and with minimal effort.

5. BizFolio

The main vision when developing this theme was to showcase your portfolio to the world in the most enticing way possible, and the way they do this is by utilizing modern designs used in most sites. You can also import some of the theme’s portfolio easily with just the click of a button. After that, you cap it all off with a nice headshot pic to display on your profile and you are all ready to go.

Now bear in mind that this theme is not just all about style and stuff, it also comes out of the box with the very popular Elementor page builder plugin to make your customizing experience fun and simple one with drag and drop. It normal for all freelancers to struggle when finding new clients, but with a great portfolio, you can shield yourself off of those stress and display yourself as the pick-me for clients. If you are one of such freelancers then you should really consider trying out BizFolio.

6. Timber Lite

Most people see photography portfolios as a very simple concept, but it is not really what it seems because creating a very good photography portfolio can a pain in the beak for the ignorant. Most individuals think it just about uploading a couple of images and calling it a day, well sorry to burst your bubbles but a photography portfolio is way more than that, and that where the Timber theme comes in.

With Timber, you get to display your images in various styles and types of gallery views that are sure to catch the eye of your users. You could implement full-screen layouts, thumbnails, and even horizontal galleries. Whichever way you decide to go with the editing, Timber always has something to offer when it comes to stylish navigation and a smooth transitioning effect.

7. Portfolio Web

Portfolio Web is a very clean and easy-to-use WordPress theme that gives you the chance to showcase your previous projects in a very cool way. Portfolio web can also be used for personal websites as well as company websites. If you are the type that loves to get their skills and testimonials out there, then this is the one for you because you get a spot on the homepage for that.

Portfolio Web supports Live Customizer so you get to see the changes as they are been added like changing colors, uploading images, or fonts. Comes totally responsive with more than 10 custom widgets to get you up and running on the portfolio website. And finally, it is also worth knowing that this theme comes translation ready.

8. Virtue

Virtue is a very interesting theme created by the Kadence Themes group, it super responsive and is built on top of HTML5, CSS3, and of course Bootstrap. With all these, you can clearly see why it a very reliable theme designed specifically for developers. Now considering the fact that the theme is super responsive, you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to looking great on different devices like computers, phones, and tablets. Do you run an online business? Then this theme is great for you because it supports WooCommerce also.

With virtue’s options panel, you can make adjustments to a lot of things like fonts, homepage layouts, sliders, and a whole lot. Another interesting thing about this theme is that you can make changes to even colors and you won’t even touch a single code.

9. Eight Sec

I know most of you might be wondering, how comes the name “Eight Sec Theme”? Well, it called that because it has eight sections on the homepage where you can display things like your testimonials, past projects, skills, awards, or basically anything you would love your visitors to see on your website.

The theme comes accompanied by lots and lots of customization options and multiple layout options to choose from. Is it sliders? The theme comes packed with multiple slider and logo options for straightening and alignment with a couple of already-made blog layouts. you’ll get good search rankings because it SEO optimized and fully responsive. It also comes integrated with WooCommerce for those planning on selling physical or digital products.

10. Brix Portfolio

This is kind of like the new kid in the block, with some modern creative layout options to choose from. The theme comes in a very simple and minimalistic look while still maintaining the endless possibilities of showcasing your previous work and skills. You get to enjoy well over fifteen predefined portfolio templates with a drag-and-drop interface for simplicity. It doesn’t end there, you also get to enjoy 19 beautiful looking demos to try out your skills. All you have to do is import the desired demo and insert your content into it. Every single one of the above demos is made using Visual Composer, thereby making it easier to move each element around with ease. The theme also has WooCommerce integrated into it just in case you want to sell virtual or physical products.

The functionalities of the Brix Portfolio is quite endless as it offers several pre-built layouts with lots of other customization features. Is it a blog section you wish to add to your website? Well, you can do that with one of the seven predefined styles. Let me close this by adding that you also get as many as 3,000 font options you could choose from.

So with all these said and done, hope you were able to find the perfect WordPress portfolio theme to beautify your websites. Having a portfolio website is a very good practice as it showcases your work, experience, and skills to the world. If there is a theme you think should be on this list but isn’t, feel free to let us know in the comments section.